So what is this whole thing…?

Hey! Glad to see you here! :)

I’ve started to write a story. Want to take part in it?

There are going to be several stories and more versions of continuing them. Sometimes I’ll give you the versions and your job will be to vote for the one you want by typing its number in a comment. Sometimes I won’t give alternatives, you have to write a continuation yourself or vote for the other commenters’ versions.

I’m also planning to make smaller questions like ‘What should be the name of the main character?’ or ‘What should his job be?’ Etc.

Challenge your fantasy and creativity! Or just have some fun. :)

Sorry for the mistakes – my native language is not English. I’ll do my best though. :)


About Bloggergoon

I love writing and reading. I've already published a novel and now I'm trying to make a little (or bigger) community on my blog to write a story together with them. Why? Because it's fun!
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